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Project Golf hosts some of the country's top PGA coaches and the world's most advanced coaching technology. It's this combination that ensures PG is the ideal place for you improve your Golf

Meet Our PGA Coaches


Joe Beatty

PGA Professional & Co-Founder


Chris Bonner

PGA Professional & Co-Founder

Quintin van der Berg

Fellow PGA Professional

Get Started

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Evaluation Session

The perfect session to start your lessons at Project Golf

  • Discussion with your coach regarding you game and goals

  • Dual Camera slow motion analysis with Swing Catalyst

  • Launch Monitor analysis with Trackman

  • Lesson Plan for the following sessions

  • Swing Recording with Coach voiceover sent to you following the session



Dive straight in to a 55 minute lesson with one of our coaches

  • Your PGA Qualified coach will improve whichever area of your game you desire

  • Dual Camera slow motion analysis with Swing Catalyst

  • Launch Monitor analysis with Trackman

  • Swing Recording with Coach voiceover sent to you following the session

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I've helped Golfers achieve their goals as an Advanced PGA Professional for over 14 years. Utilising some of the world's best technology with my coaching expertise will allow us to find problems and solutions quickly. 


Like all golfers I understand how frustrating it can be not improve or even get worse! My coaching philosophy is that to improve you need awareness of your current faults, what causes them and how to fix them. When you have these three things the path to improvement is far clearer and easier to follow.


During our lessons you can expect to see the following Tour level coaching technology:

  •         Trackman 4 Launch Monitor to capture Club & Ball Data

  •         BodiTrak Pressure Mat to analyse how you use the ground (Ground Reaction Forces)

  •         HackMotion Wrist Sensor to measure your wrist patterns that are often not visible on camera

  •         Dual Camera Slow Motion Cameras (300FPS) to help me guide you through our improvements


After our sessions I'll send you a voiceover recording summarising the changes we've made, explaining the drills and highlighting what you need to work on before the next lesson. Whether you're a beginner or have played for years I recommend booking an Evaluation Session before your lessons to give us an opportunity to assess your game and make a plan to achieve your goals.



I am one of only three Advanced PGA Professionals in London, awarded by the PGA for my coaching achievements and success with certain students. I also use tour level comprehensive technology in my lessons to measure and diagnose your body movements and swing characteristics. I use Trackman to analyse the club parameters and ball flight data, and BodiTrak to measure weight distribution , pressure, transfer and ground reaction forces. High speed video analysis is then used to easily show what the collected data means to your swing and body.

At the end of your session, I will provide you with a screencast of the lesson to help you in your practice and keep the changes fresh in your mind. This process allows you to retain your individual swing and see results from making the necessary changes, and therefore improving your scores.

Working alongside and being mentored by some of the most well-respected coaches in the UK, I have a history of coaching golfers of all abilities, from coaching PGA Professionals and county level players, to beginners. I have even been able to take a beginner to a 7-handicap in 18 months and a 5-handicap player to 2 in 12 months.

I tend to find that most people I see have struggled with a consistent bad shot or poor consistency. If you can understand WHAT is going wrong and WHY then it can be corrected, as long as you can measure and analyse the before and after then that process becomes easier.

Chrs Anc
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Quintin van der Berg

A PGA professional for 25 years and regarded as one of the best coaches in the game having coached more than 40 000 hours in person at world renowned locations. Formerly, Director of Instruction at the David Leadbetter and Ernie Els academies in Europe and Asia.


Awarded the Fellow of the PGA status ( 2% of PGA Pros hold this level ) for outstanding coaching achievements. With an extensive understanding of the mechanics of movement my ability to diagnose swing movements is unmatched.


I have coached players from beginners through to professionals competing in Major Championships. I have shadowed, observed and been mentored by many of the worlds best coaches including David Leadbetter, Mac O‘ Grady, Lynn Blake, Chuck Evans, Scott Cowx, David Orr, Chris Welch, Geoff Mangum to name a few. 


I am a pioneer in using technologies such as Trackman, Boditrak, Hackmotion, DeWiz, Sportsbox 3D and Capto which will be used during your lesson to validate changes made. Lesson videos and 3D data will be uploaded to Skillest. You will have unlimited communication with me via the app where all your sessions are logged. Here you will also have access to premium content that I upload weekly.


If you want to reach your potential and get a complete understanding of your golf game and swing, look no further ! You will not only learn to swing better but understand your swing to self correct with your newfound knowledge and become your own best coach ! 



Coaching Achievements 


  • 4 Major Participants

  • 7 Sunshine Tour Winners

  • 1 Asian Tour Winner 

  • 12 National Amateur Champions

  • 9 Club Champions 

  • Assisted 6 National Teams

  • Speaker at National Coaching Conference and Coach Educator 

  • PGA International Member Nominee 


Professional Training 


  • TPI Golf Expert 

  • Scott Cowx Master Certified 

  • US Kids Certified 

  • Sam Puttlab Level 3 Certified 

  • Lynn Blake Senior Certified

  • Trackman Certified 

  • Boditrak Certified 

  • 5SK Director of Instruction 

  • Forces and Motion Certified 

  • K Coach Certified

  • TGM Authorised GSEB

  • Zenolink Biomechanics 

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